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Leaph Boutique

The freshest cut flowers in town.

Check out our popular line of handcrafted felt flowers.


Welcome To Christopher Blake

a creative space celebrating handcrafted goods & Design

Located at 115 West Main Street / Easley, South carolina

Open Wednesday - Saturday 11-5

Meet Blake / Artist & Shop Owner


The Shop

The shop consists of the original handcrafted products lines by Blake, but also features some amazing art and handmade goods from other local artists. To check out the current makers who have products available in the shop, visit the Makers page.

Constantly changing and evolving, the shop serves the makers- so come in regularly to take part and watch us grow!


The Studio

The studio is where Blake makes all the felt florals, some of the miniatures, and the occasional photo shoot or filming session. As of right now the studio is closed for events and classes, but keep posted if you're interested in sharing this space in the future!