Welcome to Christopher Blake handmade,

The Handmade Design House. Here we like to create everyday with a playful outlook on life. We aren't afraid to try something new OR get our hands dirty! And we sure as heck won't back down from a crafty challenge.

Composed of many handcrafted elements, Christopher Blake was created by Christopher Blake LeapHart. (ME!)

Hey! Since we are friends now, you can call me Blake. I'm a driven artist who believes "DIY" is an adjective, verb, and noun. I will DIY anything. Literally. Anything. I usually have dried paint or runaway glitter somewhere on my person. My goals in life are to never stop creating and inspire others to do the same!

I was born and raised in South Carolina- specifically, historic Aiken. I have to admit I love a nice glass of sweet iced tea and the smell of honeysuckles. Throw in a warm breakfast amidst a cool breeze coming from an open window and I'm a kid again at Nanny's house.