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Christopher Blake is a multi-media business specializing in independent design and handcrafted production. Spearheaded by artist and entrepreneur C. Blake LeapHart, our business has evolved and taken on many different incarnations over the years. Beginning as what seemed like a scatterbrained juggle of various skills and side-hustles eventually formed into a harmonious blend of creative products and services.


Our Services Include:

  • Handmade Business Consulting/Coaching

  • Portrait Photography

  • Product Photography

  • Videography

Our original products include:

  • Handcrafted Felt Florals

  • Fine Art Paintings & Prints

  • High Quality Handmade Dollhouse Miniatures

  • Apparel & Accessories (Coming Soon)



Call Me Blake

Hello! My name is Blake, and I'm a local artist and entrepreneur currently living in Easley, South Carolina.

I've been making things for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until I was in high school that I started taking my handmade business more seriously. I've made various things over the years and it has all influenced what I do today. You can see my current work through the Christopher Blake original product lines available in my shop (and online soon!). Leaph Boutique is my line of handcrafted felt flowers and it has been received so well that it is my main focus at the moment. However, I still work on my line of miniature foods and accessories, The Miniature Bazaar, as well as taking on the occasional photography client.

Today, if I'm not making felt flowers or working on displays in the shop I can still be found at a local festival or market supporting the great local food scenes, artisans, and small businesses. In my free time (haha, what's that?!) I like to relax at home (or at the beach) with my wife Claiborne and our dog Chloe. I also like to make the occasional YouTube video sharing some of my recent one-off projects or giving a look behind the scenes of what goes into having a handmade career like I do!