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Take a few minutes to apply to be a vendor in our shop!

If you would like to become a vendor in Christopher Blake, fill out this form to tell us about you and your business!


Want to be part of the shop?

Our goal for the storefront is to serve the makers- so we want to create a space that spotlights the product and brings out the best in your handmade goods.

If accepted, all displays will be collaborative between Christopher Blake and the vendor. We will try our best to create a show-stopping display that highlights what is unique about your work. Details regarding displays, packaging/labels, marketing, finances, etc. will be shared once accepted!

We are currently working with our vendors on a consignment basis of 70/30- with the 30% being retained by the shop for transaction fees, display costs, and marketing efforts.

All earnings are paid out monthly, the first week of the following month. For example, January's earnings are paid on the first week in February.

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If accepted, we want to do our best to help followers and customers get to know your business! Any info you give us, along with what we gather from your social media, will allow us to tell your story better.
If you don't have a business website or online portfolio, feel free to give us the link to your Etsy shop or Facebook page.
Please include both shops/retailers as well as online venues.
Are there any special processes you use? Unique materials?
Tell us about you!
When we tell your story, we want customers and followers to know who is behind the work. Don't be shy!
How did you get started? Are you self taught or trained? Do you run your business full-time or part-time? Etc.
Additional Information
Just a few more questions!
This is just to see who would be interested, it does not effect your application.
Our vision has multiple phases- phase one would be curating a selection of awesome local handmade work and helping the makers grow their businesses in whatever way we can. Phase two would be to collaborate with our vendors to have exclusive products for the shop, which would diversify our portfolios and illustrate our abilities to adapt/grow our handmade businesses.
Being makers ourselves, we understand the value of criticism and feedback- but we also want to respect your preferences.
Christopher Blake is located in Easley, South Carolina.


Please keep in mind, applications are semi-juried by a few trusted colleagues. We want to be fair and honest, while also still being encouraging and supportive- so please don't take any application results personally. If you would like some feedback, be sure to select that option at the end of the application.

We are looking for makers who can keep a display stocked on a regular basis and makers who create products that shoppers can come back to over a period of time. If not accepted, that status is not final and we would love for you to apply again once you've established your work a bit more.

In the future we would love to have special gallery-style showings of work, pop-ups, and market events- so even if your work doesn't fit the current style of the shop we still want to support you in whatever ways we can!